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Metal Stamping Parts & CNC Turning Parts Factory

Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd.is professional ISO9001 certificated Hardware parts & Machine Parts manufacturer, Located in China Ningbo,Specialize in Services of Sheet Metal Fabricating,CNC Machining,Tube Bending, Plastic Injection Molding & Plastic Extrusion.

We produce Precision CNC Machining Parts by CNC Turning & Milling.Metal stamping Parts,Deep Drawing Parts,Metal parts welding and forming,Pipe Bending & fabricating components,Cold & Hot Forging Parts from Stainless Steels,Carbon steels,Brass & Copper,Aluminum Alloys. And produce Plastic injection molded parts,Plastic extrusion profiles and tubes.

We are working metal parts & plastic parts for various indstries,custom produce a wide variety of machine parts and hardware components according customer’s drawing or sample,such as metal shafts,steel rods, bushings, Sleeves, Flanges, tubes; Metal stamping brackets, frames, clamps, casing, housing; deep drawn components; tube bending components; cold forging parts,studs,bolts,screws,nuts,pins; steel wire forms and all kinds metal components, plastic molded parts, plastic profiles and tubes…

We provide a wide range of machining services, can satisfy the customer many types of products one-time order, for the customer to save a lot of trouble and cost of finding new suppliers.

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We have more than 20 years history for custom metal parts manufacturing


15years export experiences for our foreign customers



our services

Metal Stamping
Metal Stamping is a method of forming a sheet metal parts of a desired shape and size by applying an external force to a sheet metal plate or strip, and the like by a press and a die to cause plastic deformation or separation. our metal stamping factory also provide deep drawing service and progressive die stamping service.
Precision CNC Machining Service precision CNC turning & milling
We provide precision CNC turning service and the precision machining services (milling,drilling,wire cutting…), the CNC turning parts with high tolerance and smooth surface,we also provide automatic and semi automatic lathe turning services for small turning parts or low quality requested parts that with lower cost.
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic injection molding is a method of plastic products. The molten plastic is injected into the mold of plastic products by pressure, and the various plastic molded parts are desired by cooling molding. we custom plastic parts by Vertical injection molding & horizontal injection molding.
Cold Forging
The cold forging process also known as cold heading,we provide cold forging services for custom nonstandard fasteners,and often produce our metal turning parts or machining parts by cold forging to get the rough parts firstly to save the material cost and improve the production speed.


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