Anodized Aluminum Tubes

Anodized aluminum tubes 1

Anodized aluminum tubes 1

Anodized Aluminum Tubes: Precise CNC Turning & Milling for Your Applications

About Ming Xiao Mfg and Anodizing Aluminum Tubes

Ming Xiao Mfg as a China CNC turned Parts Supplier,we specialize in manufacturing precise anodized aluminum tubes with CNC Turning & Milling. Our products are required for any precision machining job with tight precision & surfaces, guaranteeing the best anodized aluminum tube fabrication possible. We have years of experience producing standard and custom-built anodized aluminum tubes.

CNC Turning & Milling: Precise Machining for Satisfaction

Rapid advances in CNC Turning & Milling technology has changed the way we can produce anodized aluminum tubes. Our expertise in working with the latest CNC Turning & Milling machines allows us to create highly precise custom parts to meet the exact standards and specifications of your application.

Ming Xiao Mfg. Quality Anodized Aluminum Tubes

Ming Xiao Mfg provides a wide range of quality anodized aluminum tubes that meet the exacting standards of your application. Our aluminum tubes are machined to the tightest tolerances and surface finishes for the highest quality final product. We can offer aluminum tubes in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to suit your specific needs.

Anodizing & Machining Processes

CNC Turning & Milling processes provide us with the ability to fabricate high-precision anodized aluminum tubes with superior accuracy and surface finish. The process involves two stages, anodizing and machining. The anodizing process is performed first which adds a layer of protective finish to the aluminum tube before the machining process begins.

Common CNC Turning & Milling Aluminum Grades

Ming Xiao Mfg. specializes in machining common CNC Turning & Milling aluminum grades including Alloy 2014, Alloy 2024, Alloy 5052, Alloy 6061, Alloy 6063, Alloy 7075 and Alloy 7072. These grades are ideal for any precision machining operation.

Table: Common CNC Turning & Milling Aluminum Grades

Material Grade Processing Precision Surface Treatment Product Types Applications
Alloy 2014 0.01 mm Anodizing and Painting Tubes, Pipes, Rods, Shafts Building, Marine, Aerospace, etc.
Alloy 2024 0.001 mm Anodizing, Painting and Polishing Tubes, Pipes, Rods, Shafts, Plates Industrial, Automotive, Mechanical parts
Alloy 5052 0.005 mm Anodizing, Painting and Plating Tubes, Pipes, Rods, Shafts, Plates, Gears Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, etc.

Conclusion: Anodized Aluminum Tubes by Mail Xu Mfg.

Ming Xiao Mfg. is your go-to source for precision CNC Turning & Milling of Anodized Aluminum Tubes. Our expert team specializes in machining all types of aluminum grades and surface treatments for any application. Get quality anodized aluminum tubes and save time and money.

What is anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrolytic process that deposits a chemically stable oxide layer on aluminum surfaces. The resulting oxide film is thicker and stronger than the native oxide coating of aluminum. It is hard, porous, and transparent, making it an integral part of metal surfaces so it will not peel or peel.

In order to overcome the defects of surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloys, expand the scope of application and prolong the service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part of the use of aluminum alloys, and anodizing technology is the most widely used and most successful.

Advantages of anodized aluminum tubes:

1. Strong texture: super strong metal texture: high-grade, beautiful and shining;

2. Low specific gravity: the specific gravity is only one third of that of stainless steel;

3. Scratch resistance: the surface hardness reaches sapphire level;

4. Strong anti-fouling: no fingerprints are left after touching;

5. Anti-static: anti-static does not vacuum and is easy to clean;

6. Good fire resistance: environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely fireproof;

7. Anti-ultraviolet: good weather resistance, anti-ultraviolet;

8. Non-fading: the color is uniform and non-fading;

9. Strong hardness: special alloy series products

We are specialize in custom Anodized Aluminum tube, we do further CNC turning on anodized products to make texture of decorative design,If you have any aluminum machined Parts need done anodizing,Welcome contact us to discuss about your projects.

The technics & capabilities for Anodized Aluminum tubes : manual lathe turning,automatic lathe turning, numerical control lathe turning,Precision CNC Turning & CNC Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Thread rolling, knurs rolling, cutting, cold heading, hot die forging, welding, Riveting, milling, components Assembly, etc.

The precision telorance can reach to +/- 0.01mm, and the surface roughness can reach N6 standard after milling.

Available Materials for machined parts: Aluminum Alloys AL5052,AL6061,AL7075…

Finish treating: Natural anodizing, Color Anodizing, Blacking Hard Anodizing.

Lead time for custom samples of metal machined parts is 10days.

Lead time for mass production:generally a order is 30-60days, if machining process is too complicated or quantity is very high,the lead time will longer.

We can provide COC (material certificate), Test Report, ROHS / SGS, plating report or coating reports also available !

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