CNC Milled Aluminum Housing

CNC Milled Aluminum Housing

High Quality Aluminum Housing CNC Milled by Ming Xiao Mfg


Ming Xiao Mfg is proud to offer a range of top-line CNC milled aluminum housings for industrial and commercial applications. Our milled housing uses high-grade aluminum and superior CNC machining techniques, providing customers with the highest quality aluminum housing possible. Our aluminum parts are produced using precision CNC milling methods, resulting in maximum strength and optimal shape.

  • Manufactured from high-grade aluminum
  • Created via precision CNC milling
  • Excellent tolerance of ± 0.01-0.02
  • Utilizes superior surface treatment
  • Oxidation resistant and long-lasting

Real-Time Quality Assurance

Ming Xiao Mfg adheres to the highest quality standards and strives for customer satisfaction. Our aluminum housing undergo a series of real-time quality tests prior to shipment, ensuring a 100% defect-free product every time. Quality assurance checks are performed with each order and every component, providing peace of mind for our customers.

CNC Milling Techniques

The CNC milling process from Ming Xiao Mfg ensures each aluminum housing is produced to exact specifications. Our advanced CNC machines use specialized tools and techniques to craft consistent quality housing every time. This results in precision parts with tight tolerances that are consistent from piece to piece.

Wide Range of Aluminum Grades and Finishes

At Ming Xiao Mfg, we stock aluminum in a wide variety of grades and finishes. To meet our customers’ individual requirements, we offer milled aluminum housing in an even wider variety of sizes and shapes. Our high-grade aluminum housings can be electroplated in a range of colors and finishes and can also be machined for specific hardware and accessories.

Common Applications

Ming Xiao Mfg’s milled aluminum housing provides a strong, reliable performance for many different applications. Our aluminum housings are used for both commercial and industrial applications, in various industries such as robotics, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and even the medical industry.

Tolerance Guide

To ensure our milled aluminum housing meet customer requirements, we adhere to a strict tolerance guide. Our products feature a tolerance of ± 0.01 to 0.02, and we guarantee the shape and material of each aluminum housing.

Aluminum Grades, Finish Treatment, Machining Technics, Applications for CNC Milling Process, Tolerance Guide

Aluminum Grades Finish Treatment Machining Technics Applications Tolerance
6061-T6, 7075-T6 Anodizing, Sandblasting, Painting,Polishing CNC Milling, Turning, Tapping, Drilling, Threading Robotics, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace,Medical ± 0.001 to 0.002

With every order, Ming Xiao Mfg promises the highest quality aluminum housing that meet and exceed customer expectations. With superior CNC milling services, real-time quality assurance, and a wide range of grades and finishes, Ming Xiao Mfg is the best choice for your aluminum housing needs.

The technics & capabilities for machine parts : manual lathe turning,automatic lathe turning, numerical control lathe turning, CNC machining,Tooling milling & Drilling, Grinding, Thread rolling, knurs rolling, cutting, cold heading, hot die forging, welding, Riveting, milling, components Assembly, etc.

Follow are the informations about our precision parts by CNC machining.

● CNC Precision machining parts accuracy

Machining accuracy: IT6 level, such as the 10mm dimensions, tolerances can be done0.009mm, 20mm size tolerances can be 0.013mm

● Maximum size of Precision parts suit to CNC machining

Lathe parts (turning parts , such as axes, coupling,bushing, thread rod , etc.) followingthe outer diameter of 300mm, length less than 150mm

Milling parts (box, cylinder, etc.) 800mm long, 330mm wide, 120mm high.

Available Materials for machine parts: Aluminum,copper/ brass,stainless steel,stainless iron,carbon steel, Mild steel,cold roll steel, Plastic Bar,etc.

● Materials for CNC Precision machining parts

We can produce CNC machining components’ materials are:

An aluminum alloy series: all aluminum and aluminum alloy (ASTM Grade from 1050-7475), commonly used are: 2011,5052,6061,7075, etc.

(2) Copper Alloy Series: all copper and copper alloy, copper, copper, brass, bronze, phosphor (the ASTM grades from C11000 to C38000), commonly used: C11000, C22000, C26000

(3) Stainless Steel Series: all the basic machining stainless steel, the ASTM grades (JISgrade corresponds to the basic, together with the SUS can):201,301,303,304,314,316,420,430,630

Steel series: all the basic machining steel can be processed, for example: 20 # steel,45 steel, easy to cut iron (common SUM24L, SUM22, Y12, Y15)

Finish treating: Anodizing,hard anodizing,electroplating of chrome/zinc/nickel plated, tinning,copperize,Colour spray-painting, blackening, hot-dip galvanizing, tephlon plating, etc.

Lead time for custom samples of metal machine parts is 10days.(if need tool or mold, will reach to 30 days)

Lead time for mass production:generally a order is 30-60days, if machining process is too complicated or quantity is very high,the lead time will longer.

We can provide COC (material certificate), Test Report, ROHS / SGS, plating report or coating reports also available !

Surface Treatments
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