Metal Hinge – Stamping

Customized Metal Hinge

Customized Metal Hinge

Custom Metal Hinge By Die Stamping Services

Ming Xiao Mfg specialize in custom various sheet metal hinges with high quality,can provide relavent processes such as punching,bending,cutting,shearing,riveting,spinning,welding,deep drawing,etc.

We are professional metal stamping factory,engaged in sheet metal stamping services more than 20 years, has produced many kinds of stamping parts.

Such as sheet metal stamping clamps, metal stamping seals, sheet metal stamping brackets, sheet metal stamping holder, console cover, metal brackets, spring clip,metal hinges, stainless steel plates, aluminum & steel shelf, Aluminum cover, Square/ Rectangular washers, metal stamped PCBA front Panel, pressed-in hole parts by PEM studs,nuts & fasteners, screw and pin welded stamping parts,mounted, electronic mounting sheet plates, copper terminal connectors.

Stamping is the forming process of the workpiece (stamping part) by applying external force to the plate, strip, pipe and profile by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation. Stamping and forging belong to moulding processing (or pressure machining). The stamping raw materials are mainly hot rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and steel strips.

We have more than 50 sets different tonnages conventional punches (stamping machines) from 5 tons – 320 tons, can produce max dimensions with 800mm*600mm sheet metal stamping parts, and the sheet parts thickness from 0.1mm – 8mm of carbon steel or brass, 3mm for stainless steel.

We are professional sheet metal stamping manufacturer from China Ningbo, we have produced many kinds of metal stamping parts for foreign customers with 15 years experiences, also we have produced many kinds of metal hinges for foreign customers, we provide one-stop services for metal stamping parts.

Materials Available

Cold Rolled Steel
Stainless Steel
Hot Rolled Steel
Aluminum Alloys
Brass and Bronze Alloys

If you are interest in our custom metal stamping services, or have any metal hinges need to be customzied,welcome send your design and requirements to us, we shall work a more competitive price for you.

The technics & capabilities: Punching, cutting, bending / flexing / curving, pressing, forming,welding / bonding, riveting, grinding edge, lettering, components Assembly.

Available Materials: Aluminum,copper/ brass,stainless steel, carbon steel, Mild steel,cold roll steel, Kovar steel,etc.

Finish treating: Anodizing,hard anodizing,electroplating of chrome/zinc/nickel plated, tinning,copperize,Colour spray-painting, blackening, hot-dip galvanizing, tephlon plating, etc.

Lead time for samples in 15days.
Lead time for mass production: generally a order is 30-60days, if machining process is too complicated or quantity is very high,the lead time will longer.

We can provide COC (material certificate), Test Report, ROHS / SGS, plating report or coating reports also available !

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